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Bangladesh is Walking on a Risky Path

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I had been suffering from fever for the last few days, for which I made a phone call to a doctor who is the head of a government owned hospital. On the phone, he advised me to stay at home and to take an Azithromycin, although I was prepared to go for covid-19 test. A doctor from a medical college, who has a close relation to me, earlier asked me to go for the test as the country is going through pandemic covid-19. I’m okay now.

While countries other than Bangladesh are doing random testing for covid- 19, Bangladesh is showing less interest at that. The head of the hospital did not show interest in my testing as part of the government’s interest. He just followed the instruction as a government employee, nothing else.

The government very recently stopped briefing about covid- 19 situation in the country. The health minister stated at a meeting that people of Bangladesh may not need covid- 19 vaccines as he thinks the pandemic will ultimately go.

But experts warned that a second wave of the pandemic may hit the country in the coming winter, for which Bangladesh is not prepared to. They showed that infection rate is increasing in the country although expected testing for the pandemic is absent. A recent report published in the New Age showed how terrible time the country is passing by.

If a foreigner comes to the country, he or she will see no signs of restriction. Everything is going on normally here. People rush to market, touching each other. Habit of wearing masks is also going out. Only a few people are seen wearing masks. In the meanwhile, the bus owner asked permission to the government to ply their vehicle without following health directory instructions. These things are happening because the government eased everything in the country and only closed educational institutions. If the country walks on this risky path, the pandemic will take a chance in the coming winter. The government should think about it.

Saifur Rahman Saif is a Bangladeshi journalist. He works at New Age, a popular newspaper. He contributed a story in Freelance Success Stories published simultaneously from the USA and Canada. He can be reached at

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