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Assam Flood Crisis

Assam, a region known for its natural beauty, has been battling against flood for 4 months now. The land consists of two main rivers, Brahmaputra and Barak. Each year due to excessive rain, these rivers and their tributaries witness an overflow, causing a huge distress to the people living there. This year the flood has coincided with the pandemic, which has made the situation even worse.  Each year people lose their lives, shelter, and yearn for a one-time meal. The flood destroys all the crops, taking away the source of bread and butter of the people living in the region.

This year around 23.34 lakh people in 22 districts of the state, have been affected due to the flood. In a bulletin, Assam State Disaster Management Authority informed that 103 people have lost their lives due to flood wherein 26 were killed in a landslide. The flood situation in Assam is still grim. Nearly 46,000 people are deracinated and are taken to 457 relief camps in sixteen affected districts.

According to Central Water Commission, rivers like the Brahmaputra, Dhansiri, Kopili, and Jia Bharali are still flowing above the danger level at some places. Lakhs of people have been forced to move out of their homes due to the deteriorating conditions.

NDRF (National Disaster Response Force) is deployed in the region for rescue operations. The team has evacuated villagers and livestocks from flood-affected areas to a safer place. On the other hand, SDRF (State Disaster Response Force) says that the death toll has reached 96%.

However, in the past few days the situation has improved as a reduction in the rainfall has been witnessed. Project coordinator of ASDMA (Assam State Disaster Management) said, “Rainfall has eased in the last few days and flood waters are drying in most places. The situation is likely to improve further in the next few days as there is no prediction of heavy rainfall.”

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