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Are Indian Students Ready for Online classes?

The pandemic has forced students to attend online classes. Online classes of JNU are witnessing a 40% shortage in students.

Source : The times of India

In these times of pandemic, students across the world are facing many problems. Online classes, online examination, late admission, and delay of results now seems to have become part of the new student life. However, in India problems for students are the same but with many more difficulties.

Due to limited resources children in India are facing troubles while attending the online classes. Recently a survey was made by two JNU professors,  which showed more than 70 percent of the teachers said that the online classes did not make much impact because they failed to offer the level of interaction the students needed.

Online classes of JNU are witnessing a 40% shortage in students. The prime reason behind this is students are unable to attend the classes due to poor connectivity of the internet or the lack of gadgets.

Due to the outbreak of COVID 19, the classes were stopped resulting in exodus of students from the campus. However, there are still some students living in the campus hostels.

The pandemic has pushed students to attend online classes in order to complete their courses. We have seen a major surge in COVID 19 cases during the month of May and June. Seeing the scenario, it will be a risky matter to reopen all the educational institutes. There is a high risk of exposing the children to the virus if schools and colleges reopen.

However, the hard-hitting reality is that not every kid in India is privileged to have a proper connection with the internet and gadgets. There are still some kids living in rural areas where they don’t even have the facility of full-day electric connections.

The JNU records show that a little over 40 percent of the students are from families earning less that Rs 12,000 a month.

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