An Interview With Pleasure The Great

Here is an interesting interview that I took on my mind today. The interviewee’s name is ‘Pleasure the great’ (you can giggle but please don’t laugh). This interview would give you the ultimate but synergistic pleasure as it is both exciting and intellectual. Please read it till end so that you can get the sublime essence of what I want to say. I hope you will enjoy it till the last word.

Narinder: What is your name?
Pleasure the great: (with an air of dignity about him and while uttering his words he is straightening its spine so as to feel proud of what creepy deeds he does to all the humanity) Yuck! What the hell are you asking? Leave kidding me and just stick to the essence?

Narinder: For God’s sake maintain some decorum as the entire world is listening to our interview. Who knows, perhaps someone may be passionately watching what you have to say here. Moreover, there is also an enticing possibility of your catching some interested parties as your helpless victims!
Pleasure the great: (felt somewhat relieved after I puffed his raging ego a little bit) Huh! Forgive me then. Sometimes, I do get impatient. Being impatient is inherent in my genes. It is also one of my weapons to catch my hapless victims among the milling crowd of people. As far as your question is concerned, my name is ‘Pleasure the great’.

Narinder: (with a tone of sarcasm more and sycophancy less) Just ‘Pleasure the great’ or ‘His Holiness Pleasure the Great’?
Pleasure the great: Are you an interviewer or some leg puller? You go on testing my nerves and what do you think I would keep quiet! See, I have no time as you know my victims have been waiting earnestly for me. In fact, it is me who is keener to trap them as fast as I can. Screw this dilly dallying and come to the point.

Narinder: Oh! Extremely sorry Pleasure the great. Here is your next question: What makes you someone special?
Pleasure the great: Shh! Are the walls soundproof here? Please bring your ears close and do the hell with whoever is watching this interview. I need to keep my voice low while answering this pivotal question. See, there is nothing special in me that you all humans have been thinking for time immemorial. In reality, ‘the something special’ that you want to know is not in me but it is in your 1. Genetic makeup; 2. Mind’s perception and 3. Herd Impact

Narinder: I am out of my mind! The technical things you are mentioning seem somewhat confusing and complicated to me? Please, if you can, tone it down to something palatable.
Pleasure the great: (his ego flared up as if some little child is pleading against him to explain something difficult; in the meantime he is also ensuring the low level of his voice) Sure, why not! See, first of all let us understand what ‘I’ stands for or what pleasure means.

Narinder: That is ok Pleasure the great, but please do consider the limitation of time as well. Moreover, be wary of sounding like some boring and worn-out preacher. I am not here to listen some meaningless sermon to the point of getting bored and irritated.
Pleasure the great: Damn you! I hate people making me embarrassed on one or the other pretext. Just pay attention to what I am going to unravel next. Pleasure means having fleeting satisfying/exciting sensations that send you humans soaring high in the sky of indefinable joy and trance like state.

Narinder: Ok! Do you want to say that anything that lends us a feeling of thrill, delight and excitement is termed as pleasure? Right?
Pleasure the great: (behaving as if he might be flaunting his own success in making someone understand his theory) Absolutely perfect my honor. You are right.

Narinder: Is that feeling of high – permanent or temporary?
Pleasure the great: Permanent and Temporary, both!

Narinder: You are freaking me out. Permanent and Temporary – both? Is it oxymoron in nature? How can it be possible? As far me, it has to be temporary! Isn’t it? And this is what even our scriptures and wise people have been saying from many decades.
Pleasure the great: Calm down, calm down. You will know it as we move on. What you just said, without any doubt, is true to some extent. I (pleasure) like other sensory emotions is permanent in the sense that I always dwell on the planet of your minds. I just need some attractant or something tantalizing to get activated. So clearing all your mental haze, my permanency (durability) is my dormant state – not active one. On the other hand, my temporary state is my active state i.e when I occupy each and every neuronal land as my sovereign property. To your surprise, one more thing that I want to reveal is that – the faster I appear on the scene, the faster I retreat back to the background.

Narinder: My God! What a revealing statement you just made. You seem boldest in exposing your own self!
Pleasure the great: Whatever! You go again kidding me and you would find me nowhere, mind it.

Narinder: (with an undertone to allay his sizzling ego) That was just to feel light in this ambience of heavy mind-bending discussion. Ok, no more taunts and jeers. You forgot to go through that ‘Genetic makeup’ and ‘Perception thing’ as discussed earlier.
Pleasure the great: Right. Let us move sequentially. As has already been mentioned before that something special exists not in me but in your genetic make-up, your mind’s perception and your herd impact.

Narinder: That is fine but how?
Pleasure the great: (somewhat giggling) It seems you are more impatient than me. Anyhow, don’t jump in unless I have completed what I have to say. As your own anthropological and biological studies suggest that there are many emotions that are hardwired into our genes and such hardwiring becomes successful only due to the long line of your descent i.e your evolutionary rungs from which you were able to land as ‘today’s modern humans. For instance, the instinct to have fear has been hammered into your genes from many preceding generations of humans (also take into account the long line of descent when you humans had been animals). In effect, other emotions like me or pleasure, anger, jealousy, etc. too have been drilled into your genes at the every step of your evolutionary stair.

Narinder: Wow! So that is the secret fountain of all our emotions – pleasant and deadly ones. However, one thing is still not cleared. How such emotions, especially you or pleasure gets hardwired into our genes?
Pleasure the great: Ok, tell me. Which things do you love to repeat as often as possible?

Narinder: Let me tell you by giving some example. I would love to do WhatsApp & Facebook again and again that engages me in exhilarating and exciting manner i.e they boost up my pleasant sensations like anything and also which let me forget what pain or painful life is.
Pleasure the great: What you said is ok but why do you want to repeat such things perpetually?

Narinder: Why? Didn’t I tell you as asked before? Was I wrong in my response?
Pleasure the great: No, no. Absolutely not. You were up to the mark. Just tell me why do you want to repeat those or do WhatsApp or Facebook again and again?

Narinder: Because they provide me some psychological fulfillment/satisfaction of being relieved from some emotional-cum-psychological craving, mental longing or physical itch.
Pleasure the great: You are spot on! And what you just stated so nicely consists the essence of the interview that you are taking now. See, the fact is that when you get engaged in repeating the sources of your pleasure (or the things which satisfy your one or the other kind of mental or emotional or physical craving) nth number of times, that repetition gets hardwired into your brains (more precisely in your subconscious mind, although some don’t evidence its existence at all) and this is the same hardwiring that makes you dribble saliva the moment you come into contact with such sources of pleasure. Not only the presence of concrete form of source, even a mere idea of it can stimulate you to pursue it – whatever the scenario or context may be.

Narinder: Amazing and spellbinding! I am in heavens after knowing such grand revelation. I am really honored and charmed to having known such matter of great significance. Could you please dwell on the types of sources of pleasures so that I could properly understand what, after all, this pleasure is?
Pleasure the great: Sure! Rather I would be honored to tell you this. To know the sources of pleasure, it would be far better to understand the types of pleasures as when its types are cleared, its sources of pleasures will be automatically cleared.
1. Biological Types (from far ancient times): Sex
2. Non-Biological Types (modern times, you can add 1 here if you want to): Eating tasty food, drinking sweet liquids, imbibing alcohol like drinks, bingeing on intoxicating drugs, gossiping, criticizing others, visiting exotic places, watching others’ fighting and relishing the pain through which they go through at that moment, inhaling addictive fumes, watching TV and YouTube, doing Facebook and WhatsApp, to go on shopping spree, etc.

Narinder: Wonderful! So these are the types of pleasures and as you recently told that when we determine the types of pleasure its sources can be easily pinned down. For instance, I prefer to eat ladoos than other confectionary items. So eating something sweet is a pleasure type and ‘ladoo’ is a source of pleasure.
Pleasure the great: Excellent illustration by you. While I was explaining you, did you make some poignant observation? I was hoping you might say something wise after I stop.

Narinder: I am afraid I couldn’t make out what you wanted to know now. Ok, you tell.
Pleasure the great: The source of pleasure is the starting point of intense craving to satisfy our internal urge bubbling inside. So what does it signify? It signifies that the more you come into contact with the source of pleasure, the more potent your craving to satisfy your internal pleasure type will become. And it is the reason you must have sometimes felt regretfully and immensely weak against such urge to have that pleasure source immediately.

Narinder: Oh! I feel embarrassed not to have that kind of sharp observation in my mind as observed by you. Now, please tell me what about other something special, apart from Genetic Make-up?
Pleasure the great: The next is your ‘Mind’s perception’. Yes, when you start perceiving things from your own mind that such and such thing might be pleasurable to have, a kind of psychological tension starts building up in your mind in order to push you forward to immediately grip it. This you want to own or possess before others start thinking about it. You humans have different kinds of pleasure sources and that depends upon your mental perception i.e from what angle are you looking at things.

Narinder: Great. The next?
Pleasure the great: The next is ‘herd impact’. It can also be termed as ‘Imitative impact’. There are many pleasures that we might not have experienced ourselves first hand except for second hand – may be by hearing or reading or watching. The herd impact salivates our desire little by little and a time comes in future when the same drop of desire transforms into a humungous ocean which floods us entire psychology with that kind of pleasure about which we have been informed. By the time we know what is happening with us, we have already satisfied that pleasure in one or the other way.

Narinder: You are awesome when you explain something with such imaginative and awe-inspiring style. So this is all about your domain or pleasure domain. So what do you think: Is pleasure good or bad? Is it worthwhile or worthless? Should it be prohibited or allowed?
Pleasure the great: I appreciate your question. I highly like it. Anyhow, any emotion that nature has endowed to human body is neither good nor bad, neither worthwhile nor worthless and neither prohibited nor allowed. Emotions are feelings in action after all – they have the potency to move you at any time, under any circumstances. They are neutral and all have their intensified peaks and intensified lows. No particular emotion in human body can reign eternally or maintain permanency all the time. You humans have to see that you should not misinterpret joys of life as transitory lovely sensations. Doing certain things in limit is acceptable and rewarding. Even medicine is health-rewarding in certain prescribed ratio and if taken in excess it becomes a lethal toxin. On the contrary, the more you crave to have pleasure or experience it, the more crazy and infatuated you get to enjoy it. You got the point or not?

Narinder: Yeah. What you just said is significant in sum and substance. I agreed to it.
Pleasure the great: In addition to it, just keep one not-to-be-forgotten fact in mind that the more you indulge yourself in short-lived pleasant sensations (it may be after experiencing something pleasurable just for once), the more its grip becomes stronger in your mind. And you know the stronger it becomes, the stronger its pushing and pulling on your whole body becomes and this ultimately becomes a vicious circle from which getting disentangled becomes a herculean task. You must have been already told why we do a certain pleasurable activity again and again. One more thing I want to explain is that when a source of pleasure comes in scene, our past satisfying memories come rushing fast and compel us to repeat that past pleasing act once more. It must be remembered to you that in each and every moment when we repeat the same past pleasing act our satisfaction level never gets fulfilled even if I go on pursuing this act till eternity.
I am not sure whether the time will ever come when you really feel ultimately satisfied by blindly repeating such things, but one thing is deathly sure and that is you humans would catch some deadly emotional, psychological and physical disorders as seen in today’s time of science and technology.

Discontentment, frustration unhappiness, and dissatisfaction would be the rewards for continuing the game of pleasure as something that goes till your end. Required and necessary long breaks are vital to have the real taste of pleasure. If you humans do not follow this advice, then the day is not far away when the same pleasure would seem poison to you. Seeing the technologically advanced times of today when each and every moment is filled with pleasurable-seeking gadgets (Google, YouTube, mobile phones, iPod, Macs, etc.) and other glittering paraphernalia, I think our pleasure sources abound in excess and thus prolonging our excitement and thrill time, which is not something to feel proud of as it is also deadening our feelings of pleasure. That’s all.
Narinder: What a tragic and hard-hitting truth! I am lost for words what to say after realizing the sublime essence of your last statement. You indeed remained truthful and candid to the last second. I feel utterly grateful for lending me your precious and valuable time as I can understand that in your heart of hearts you must be feeling itchy to leave your chair and pounce upon one or the other victim on the street. It could be me!
Pleasure the great: You moron started again @*%#$%^&*$#@
Interview ends here

By Narinderpal Singh

The views and opinions expressed by the writer are personal and do not necessarily reflect the official position of VOM.
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