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Ambedkar: An Argument of Upliftment

Being a staunch follower of secular Hinduism and then, reading the mind burning pages of “Annihilation of caste ” by B.R.Ambedkar may make one feel annoyed with him.But when one compares his detail experienced argumentative thoughts in it with that of inexperienced or rather philosophical counter-explaination of M.K.Gandhi, one will  become an admonisher of Hinduism rather than a follower of it.He proved in it that he was a genuine punctuation in harshly blowing caste system in Hinduism and accentuated the incoming streak of light to kill all dogma being followed in this religion.

This towering personality had played a role of dictator against all ills of Hinduism which he actually suffered from, later on he followed Budhdhism.

Suffering,buffering and then relieving himself from all odds of Hinduism and then coming up at a platform where he sees no enemy while deciding and drafting the soul of Indian democracy ,the bell of legal faith “Indian constitution” makes him a true social leader.

Constitution was not his biggest contribution but his fight against social ills and the mode of being rebellious against all crude social customs were his achievements worth inculcation in normal life and awareness for the emancipation of downtrodden people.

Rather than following learnings from B.R.Ambedkar’s life, our schedule caste friends  blindly worship him and this becomes an instrument for some political leaders/parties to politically exploits the emotions attached with this great leader.

B.R.Ambedkar in his illustrious work “Annihilation of caste” argue and oppose the blind worship because blind worship is the root cause of zero-value customs and those customs become the cause of suffering for deprived People.

But what we see now, our people worship him like God, they don’t know ,it’s an insult to Ambedkar Saheb.He and his thoughts are worth following and assimilation in positive social life and he shouldn’t be made an idol of worship.

On his Birthday, learning centres shouldn’t be closed but a detail one day curriculum of learnings from his life should be taught for practical implementation in life.

( Views are personal and not intended to hurt any section of society)


The views and opinions expressed by the writer are personal and do not necessarily reflect the official position of VOM.
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