Amarnath Yatra in Covid

From my Timeline (6.7.2020)

Members of Tablighi Jamaat had grievously erred by holding a congregation in Delhi in March, even as they had formally requested the Delhi police to arrange transport facilities so that those who were in attendance at the venue could be shifted to their respective destinations. Contrast this with the thoroughly ill advised and outrageous decision of the MHA to allow Amarnath Yatra at a time when the Covid pandemic is taking its toll upon more and more people to warrant strict adherence to social and physical distance, even when this is to be followed when you go out to visit a departmental store, a restaurent or a barber’s shop, while completely desisting  from congregating in a mosque, a temple or a gurdwara. Calling this hypocrisy or outright madness is an understatement. Perhaps a more apt description would be ‘a psycopathic condition or extreme sickness of mind’ of those who have endorsed the idea of yatra at this point in time. Wondering whether they are disposed more towards  criminal mindset or stupid behaviour, or more likely, a lot of both!

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Written by Amin Sofi


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