“A drowning man catches at a straw!” That’s exactly what is brought home by the unseemly sight of the hyper-ventilating Indian media going gungho about this otherwise “non-event” involving the first consignment of five Raphale jets being delivered to India today. At a time when Covid and the Dragon were supposed to be handled, not merely as a priority but perhaps as the most formidable challenges to India since its independence, a large section of the Indian media have chosen to completely ignore a meaningful debate on these challenges, while chosing to expend its energies exclusively on covering this utterly inane and useless development. “Useless” because peace and prosperity are not ensured by chest thumping on procuring the most expensive war machine for the country, but by saving the hard earned public money on the welfare of its people and by reaching out to those who may have a grouse or two on how you are dealing with them by denying them a life of dignity, honour and peace. The long and short of the argument is that India have lost its sense of priority, and proportion. God save it from those who have taken the whole country for a ride, which the people of this country have singularly failed to realise.

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Written by M A Sofi


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