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A Descent into Anarchy?

In recent years, one is witness to a constant stream of scandals, scams, surreptitious financial deals and similar irregularities including cases of money laundering etc. by the high and mighty as much by the ordinary Indians being unearthed by various investigating agencies in India. Fair enough.

It’s also a fact of life that most of those involved in such cases invariably also happen to owe fealty to the other side of the political divide. The question that stares in the face is this: who and which agency is going to probe humanitarian disasters, more pertinently the Gujarat pogrom of 2002 when 3000 innocent Indians were massacred and many more maimed for life, apart from scores of women of a certain religious community who were raped, then killed and many of them carrying a stork whose foetuses were ripped open and, in a macabre show of ‘bravery’, hoisted on the tip of a trishul to display their valour in teaching those lesser mortal victims a lesson of their life.

What we have seen in the past few years involving the manner in which the democratic institutions in the country have been appropriated, politicised and subsequently monopolised by those wielding and misusing their unbridled power over these institutions, leaves little doubt in our minds that justice is and shall continue to remain a far cry, especially to the teeming millions of Indians who, unlike Arnab Goswami, can’t boast of the good luck of having the right connections, the resources and the leeway to seek redressal from the system. In such a scenario, the usual reference of such cases to a thorough investigation by an honourable, unbiased individual to dispense justice is anachronistic. This because the adjective “unbiased” has since ceased to be applicable to those honourable individuals who could be entrusted the job of conducting what is required to be an honest and impartial enquiry into such conspiracies.

Thus the conclusion is inescapable: the criminals who had overseen/supervised the Gujarat carnage of 2002 – or those who were involved in the 1999 Kunan Poshpora mass rape of women in Kashmir – shall never meet their moment of comeuppance as long as those controlling these institutions and their satraps continue to remain ensconced in the saddle. Sadly, in the India of today, the “law has ceased to take its course” as it were, what with innumerable cases of those entrusted with upholding justice and constitutional propriety choosing to buckle and switch loyalties in lieu of crumbs of pelf and power that are thrown at them by those in authority.

That’s precisely the reason why we are witness to the outlandish spectacle involving, not the perpetrators, but the victims of violence being charged with – and ultimately punished for – abetment to violence while the conspirators of violence are allowed to get away with it. The Delhi riots of Feb. 2020 is a case in point, as is the long regime of violation of human rights involving scores of innocent Kashmiris who are rotting in jails under the most inhuman living conditions, and over decades on end. Whether there is reasonable hope for the situation beginning to look up in the months and years ahead and prevent a certain descent of the country into anarchy, that belongs in the realm of conjecture. Certainly not untill the men and women in authority are called to account. In other words, not untill the cows come home.

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Written by M A Sofi


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